Hatton Campsite Booking Conditions

General Overview

The Hatton Scout Campsite is run by the Leamington District Scout Council for the benefit of all young people in the Warwickshire area and beyond. The site is operated under scouting guidelines and the safety of all users is of primary importance. It is the policy of the Scout Association to safeguard the welfare of all members from physical, sexual and emotional harm. All adults within scouting are responsible for the operation of the association’s Child Protection Policy (see Annex 1)

The Site

Hatton Scout Campsite is a six acre site suitable for large groups and section camps or Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. The site is ideal for hikes through the Warwickshire countryside and along the Grand Union Canal. Other local attractions include: Hatton Adventure World, Warwick Castle, Kenilworth Castle, Coventry Cathedral, Cadbury World, Heritage Motor Centre and many more!  

There is a campfire circle that provides for that traditional end of the day.  The site is available to members of the Scout Association, Guiding UK, Duke of Edinburgh groups, schools and other properly constituted youth groups.

When the site is being shared there are four designated camping areas, these areas can accommodate between 25 to 50 campers. When the site has been booked for exclusive use you are free to camp anywhere in the camping area. Tents are not to be pitched in the area between the Norton Lodge and the flag pole or in the designated parking area.

The Norton Lodge

The Norton Lodge is Scandinavian style log cabin comprising of an entrance hall, main hall, two bunk rooms and a kitchen and is available to hire for weekend camps and evening meetings. It comes equipped with plenty of tables and chairs and the kitchen has a 5 burner range and fridge-freezer. Cooking utensils are not provided.  Gas and electricity are inclusive of the hire cost. The cabin will only be available for one group at a time.

Toilets / washing Facilities

There is a brick build toilet block with separate male and female facilities including toilets, wash basins and shower cubicles. The washing up of cooking and eating utensils is not allowed in the toilet block.


Caravans are not allowed on the field, there is a designated pitch available. Only one caravan is permitted per booking. There is limited availability so bookings are on a first come first served bases.

Booking Procedures

When booking an overnight stay please select which camping area you prefer. Exclusive use of the whole site is also available, see price list for details. The Norton Lodge can only be booked for exclusive use by one group at a time.

Booking enquiries should be made via the Leamington District website. Following the enquiry a provisional booking will be made and a booking confirmation form emailed to you. To confirm your booking please complete and return the signed and completed booking form together with the £20 deposit within 10 days of the provisional booking being made, otherwise the booking will be cancelled. All deposits paid are non-refundable.

To ensure we correctly invoice you please confirm the final number attending by emailing hatton.campsite@gmail.com within 48 hrs. of the end of your visit where upon an invoice will be sent to you. The full payment to be made within 30 days of invoice. Cheques to be made payable to “Leamington District Scouts”. Payments by BACS to be made to Lloyds Bank (Leamington Spa) Sort Code 30-94-93 Account No: 00147845 Account Name: Leamington District Scouts. When paying by BACS please use the invoice number as your reference. Please provide email confirmation to hatton.campsite@gmail.com if paying by BACS.

Overnight campers should plan to arrive after midday at the start of the camp and plan to be off the site by midday on the last day unless prior arrangements have been agreed. Evening activities are not start before 4:30 p.m. and must finish by 10 p.m.


The access code for the campsite main gate and building will be issued prior to you visit. These codes are changed on a regularly basis. Please ensure you have received details of the codes before the start of your visit. 


Vehicles are not to park along the driveway leading to the Norton Lodge. There is a parking area by the lodge for a maximum of four vehicles. The driveway and area by the lodge must be kept clear to allow emergency vehicles access should the need arise.

Vehicles may be driven onto the camping area for loading and unloading providing the ground is in a dry and stable condition. Vehicles are to be moved to the parking area after unloading. Any damage to the camping area by vehicles will be charged to the hirer.


The nearest A&E department is at Warwick Hospital which is in the northwest of Warwick. The address is Lakin Rd, Warwick, CV34 5BW. Telephone 01926 495321. The hospital website is www.swft.nhs.uk/our-hospitals/warwick-hospital.

General Site Rules

The fire assembly area is designated as the area in front of the extinguisher box on the edge of the camping field. The entrance gate must not be left opened or unlocked if the site is left unattended. Due respect must be shown to neighbouring properties, and other users of the site. Some means of identification must be carried at all times (e.g. identity card or neckerchief) and be produced if reasonably challenged. No excessive noise should be made between 11.00pm and 7.00am. Dogs are not allowed on site. Open fires must only be lit in the campfire circle and must be extinguished and cleaned prior to departure. Users must respect all areas of the site, and no damage should be caused to any boundary fences. There may be multiple groups on the site, however exclusive use is available. 

Fires & Wood

Wood must be obtained only from the wood pile and all excess wood should be returned to the wood pile at the end of your visit. Under no circumstances may saws, axes or knives be used on standing timber (trees and bushes etc.) Fires are only allowed on campfire circle or in alter fires. The campsite has a limited number of altar fires which are available without charge. When they are finished with they must be cleaned and returned back to behind the storage containers.


All rubbish is to be removed from the campsite by the user. Groups will be charged a £20.00 cleaning fee if we have to clean up after you. Users are also asked to pick up any rubbish on the site whether or not it is their own. All rubbish should be taken home.

General Building Rules

No Smoking is allowed in any building on the site.  A smoking area is provided at the rear of the Norton Cabin. All buildings are to be left clean, tidy and secure after use. No furniture or equipment should be removed from any building. Any damages or breakages must be reported to the Duty Warden. All users should ensure the buildings are locked if left unattended. No ball games are allowed in the buildings. Fire exits should always be kept clear of obstructions.

We reserve the right to charge groups who damage equipment or building(s), or who fail to leave the building(s) or campsite in a reasonable clean condition.  Groups will be charged at cost for any repairs/replacements needed.

Personal Belongings & Equipment

The Leamington District Scout Council does not accept any responsibility for personal belongings or equipment of users of the site. It is suggested that in addition to normal precautions, a check is made that all such items are adequately covered by insurance.

Health & Safety

Every user of the Campsite is responsible for their own Health and Safety and for the Health & Safety of those for whom they are responsible. Risk Assessments are the responsibility of each group on site.

First Aid

All users are expected to provide their own First Aid facilities. The ‘responsible adult’ (camp leader) is responsible for the first aid for your group.  We do not supply first aid kits in the building.

Incident/Accident Procedure

Any breaches of security or major accidents should be reported to the Duty Warden without delay.

Electrical Equipment

All electrical goods brought onto the site must carry a current PAT Certificate.


All Scout Association Members must comply with the Scout Association Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking Policies. A smoking area is provided at the rear of the Norton Cabin. Anyone found on site in possession of controlled drugs will be reported to the Police and asked to leave


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all buildings are cleaned, locked and secure before departing. Where there is more than one group on site please liaise with other group to confirm which group will be taking responsibility for securing the site on departure.

Before departing each group should ensure the toilets are cleaned and not leave it to the last group on site to clean everyone’s mess.

When securing the Norton Cabin please ensure that all shutters and windows are locked, whether or not they were opened by you. All internal doors should be closed and check that all external doors are securely locked.


The nearest supermarket to the campsite is Sainsbury’s at Saltisford, Warwick, CV34 4TR. The opening hours are between 7 am and 8 pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm.



                                           USE OF THE CAMPSITE BY ALL ORGANISATIONS

Overriding Controls

The Chairman of the Campsite Management Committee or his/her representative, has an overriding authority to direct that any particular activity shall be postponed, stopped or cancelled if, in their view, it is essential in the interests of safety.


The Child Protection Procedures of the Scout Association




It is the policy of The Scout Association to safeguard the welfare of all Members by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm


Scouting is a safe place for young people and we can keep it safe by:

  • Taking into account the interests and well-being of young people
  • Respecting the rights, wishes and feelings of young people
  • Taking all reasonable steps to protect young people from harm
  • Promoting the welfare of young people and their protection within a relationship of trust


…it is the responsibility of all adults to ensure that their behaviour is appropriate at all times.

Every adult should have a copy of the ‘Young People First’ Code of Behaviour (yellow card). The Guidelines are set out in Annex 1 and all adults must be given a copy of this.


                                                The Safety Policy of the Scout Association

It is the policy of The Scout Association to provide Scouting in a safe manner without risk to health, so far as is reasonably practicable. The Association believes that this responsibility ranks equally with the other responsibilities incumbent upon those providing Scouting activities and functions.

It is the responsibility of all those involved in Scouting to seek, so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure that:

  • All activities are conducted in a safe manner without risk to the health of participants.
  • The provision and maintenance of equipment and buildings for Members and others is safe and without risk to health and adequate for their welfare.
  • Information, instruction, training and supervision is provided with the object of ensuring the health and safety of all those involved in Scouting activities or who may be affected by them.
  • Appropriate arrangements are made to ensure safety and the absence of risks to health in connection with the use, transport, storage and handling of equipment, and substances which are inherently or potentially dangerous.


                                 The Scout Association’s internal rules and good practice


All participants in activities must have received proper training, be suitably equipped and briefed about the nature and scope of the activity, be of an appropriate age and be subject to authorised supervision. Group/Party Leaders should be aware of the need to supervise all members in their charge in the locality of the activity being undertaken, including those not actively involved in the activity.

Minimum Ratios of Supervision

Beaver Scouts - When outdoors the minimum ratio is one adult to six Beaver Scouts plus the Leader in charge. You will get to know the Beaver Scouts in your Colony and know how many adults you will need to look after the Colony while running activities.

Cub Scouts - The minimum ratio for outdoor activities and Nights Away events is 1 adult to 8 Cub Scouts plus the Leader in charge.  However, you may wish to have more adults present if there is a greater risk to the party during the activity, a night hike for instance.

Scouts - For a Nights Away event led by a Nights Away Permit holder, the recommended minimum ratio is 1 adult to 12 Scouts. However, a Troop’s Leader must plan to ensure that as a minimum, at least two adults are present overnight.

Explorer Scouts - There is no recommended minimum ratio for Explorer Scouts for outdoor activities for held away from the usual meeting place or Nights Away experiences.  However as a minimum for all Nights Away experiences led by a Nights Away Permit Holder, at least two adults must be present overnight.

InTouch system

Whenever any activity, event or meeting is run within Scouting it is a requirement that an InTouch system is put in place (POR 9.3).  This is to ensure:

  • Everyone involved is aware of how communication will take place between Leaders, participants, and those not on the event
  • There are details of who is present should anything go wrong, and there is a system in place in the event of an emergency.

Annex 1


Child Protection Policy

(Yellow Card)

Hatton Scout Campsite is a Scout Association Campsite and all users must agree to abide by The Scout Association’s Child Protection Code of Practice. The code is contained in the Young People First which is listed below. In particular it must be understood that any contravention of the code of practice could lead to The Scout Association initiating its own reporting and referral procedures.




Do keep to this code at all times.

Do treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Do set an example for others to follow.

Do treat all young people equally – do not show favouritism.

Do plan activities that involve more than one other person being present, or at least within sight and hearing of others.

Do follow the recommended adult-to-young people ratios for meetings and activities.

Do respect a young person’s right to personal privacy.

Do avoid unacceptable situations within a relationship of trust, e.g. a sexual relationship with a young person who is over the age of consent.

Do have separate sleeping accommodation for young people, adults and Young Leaders working with a younger section.

Do allow young people to talk about any concerns they may have.

Do encourage others to challenge attitudes or behaviours they do not like.

Do avoid being drawn into inappropriate attention-seeking behaviour, e.g. tantrums and crushes

Do make everyone (young people, parents and carers, Young Leaders and other helpers) aware of our safeguarding arrangements.

Do remember this code at sensitive moments, e.g. when helping someone who has been bullied, bereaved or abused.

Do tell other leaders where you are and what you are doing.

Do remember someone else might misinterpret your actions, even if you mean well.

Do take any allegations or concerns of abuse seriously and refer them to your Group Scout Leader or District Commissioner immediately.


Do not trivialise abuse.

Do not form a relationship with a young person that is an abuse of trust.

Do not drink alcohol when you are directly responsible for young people and never allow young people on Scouting activities to drink alcohol.

Do not allow abusive activities, e.g. initiation ceremonies or bullying.

Do not take part in inappropriate behaviour or contact, whether physical, verbal or sexual.

Do not take part in physical contact games with young people.

Do not make suggestive remarks or threats to a young person, even in fun.

Do not use inappropriate language when writing, phoning, emailing or using the internet.

Do not let allegations, suspicions, or concerns about abuse go unreported.

Do not rely just on your good name to protect you.